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How to deal with Child Protective Services

From: Kimmy
Date: 07 Aug 2003
Time: 04:05:48
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My life is a living hell right now and CPS seems to revel in making it as difficult as possible. My daughter made an allegation of child molestation against my husband, her step-dad. He has been arrested and is currently fighting the charges with a great attorney. I myself, while having to deal with my children being removed from my home and sent to live with my ex, also have to deal with a CPS caseworker with an agenda. She is telling me how to feel, what I have to think and that basically I have to do whatever they tell me to do. So far I have. I have started therapy for me and my two children. I have went to meetings at the last minute. However my ex is not taking my kids to therapy. He is not allowing our daughter to be taken for a phychological exam which was requested by CPS and the appt made by me. He is taking them to Indiana Beach instead. What a great dad huh? Well he needs to be reminded that he has to follow the law as well. He is stalking my husband, calling the cops at every turn. Screaming at me that I have to follow the protective order issued preventing my husband from seeing our 2 yr. old daughter yet he keeps dodging the law to keep our 11 yr old and 7 yr old kids from help. Any suggestions on how to deal with CPS? Request new case worker? I feel that anything I tell her she tells my ex. No confidentiality at all. Its insane. Any suggestions please help me figure this out! I feel like a helpless, useless excuse for a mom and that is what CPS is trying to say I am. Unfit because I supposedly did not protect my kids from what they say happened. I am not telepathic. I was at work!

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