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Re: Jefferson county DHR

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Date: 22 Feb 2005
Time: 06:13:10
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we have since found out the DHR CANNOT BE SUED! They are protected by a law that makes it unable for parents who have been wronged to sue them! Which is most likely why they are so quick to destroy families on a whim of a 3rd parties accuasations! My husbands children were taken by a maternal grandma 4 years ago after he moved them to ohio to give them a better life. The grandmother is widowed, never worked in her life, and only recieves 600 a month in pension from her dead husband. She was at wits end on how to support herself, NOW that she has taken the children she recieves medicaid, food stamps, gas card, exessive child support, and is able to claim the children each year for a huge tax return! What a wonderful retirement plan for her! my husband did NOTHING but send the kids to her for a visit and she decided to take advantage of the situation and walked into the court room and said she feared for the kids' life! I fear he may abuse them. AND THEY GAVE THEM TO HER! HE HAS HAD TO SPEND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS TO PROVE HE DID NOTHING OF THE SORT! They system SUCKS~!

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