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Alabama DHR and Child Support

From: alchildsupport
Date: 04 Dec 2002
Time: 03:16:12
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I am an attorney practicing in Montgomery Alabama. I have been reading your posts, particularly about the child support issues. My practice is now mostly representing parents in court on child support issues. I filed a class action lawsuit last year against DHR for the way it handles child support collections.

I need your help. Our case was sucessful recently in getting DHR to change the way it pays out money it collects through state income tax intercepts. But, now that DHR has partially fixed their computers they want to dismiss that part of the case because none of my plaintiffs have any intercepted income tax money in DHR's "coffers" as they say it. I am looking for parents who have been on welfare and there is still money due to be paid back to the state for AFDC or TANF money AND who have received money from the state in the last 2-3 years that was from the state income tax refund of the non-custodial parent. I known, I know, most of you are lucky to have received anything as a result of DHR collecting your money - and that's my point. What little they do get, the state should not take from the children. But they do and with your help I will make them stop and pay it back.

Please go to my website at and fill out the form, read the information, send me a letter, tell me your story, offer to help, call us, email us - we want to hear your story. This is an uphill battle and I need all the help I can get. Pass along the website address to your friends. But mostly if you think DHR owes you money from a state income tax intercept because they took out money to pay themselves back for welfare payments - contact me we need your help and in the meantime, you get the benefit of a fast resolution of your case. Beleive me they can't work fast enough to fix the cases of my named plaintiffs. We added two more today - but I still need more people to send me their stories and help.

BTW I quit doing custody cases several years ago - but I will be happy to answer basic questions like for instance there is no age in Alabama when a child can choose which parent to live with. A judge may listen and consider the child's wishes but does not have to follow them. A judge can consider the wishes of a young child up to a teenager. I have seen them hear from 7 and 8 year olds and younger. The key is a good guardian ad litem to represent the child, usually appointed by the court. And the case name for the standard to change custody is called Ex parte McLendon. This is a legal case that sets out a rule for what must be shown to change custody. By the way - not wanting to pay child support is not a reason. <G>

Thanks again and come see me at

Maryanne Prince

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